rock bad is great game if you have friends with you but so dull alone. RB and get old really fast.

User Rating: 7 | Rock Band PS3
Rock band is a great game. I think to me its better then guitar hero and of course rock revaluation.

Graphics: the graphics are just basic. With colored bars and a nice background of your band rocking out with nice effects. Not much to say about the graphics.

Audio: For a music game the audio has to be great. For me, the audio is good. The songs are awesome but some are just weird. Yet again there is not much to say about the audio.

Gameplay: The game play good again for a music-rhythm game. You just have to match the color notes as they fall. You can choose from different levels like easy ,medium, hard and expert. Not much to say... again.

Story: You have a quest mode where you just play the songs over and over again with different levels as you go on. You can play this with other people or yourself. You can buy new items like cloths, tattoos, and guitars. It gets boring after a while.

Controls: Just simple. green, red, yellow, blue, orange notes. strum down. hit the drums with your drum stick and tap the foot peddle. Sing and tap the mic.

Don't get me wrong the game is funner then this review but gets old after a while. You should get the game if you have partys often or people over but don't get it if your just by yourself. All in all its a fun game for a short period of time.