Great on all fours. The best yet! Rock solid game!

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band PS2
Rock Band is great! A very fun music game to play. It's as good as or better than Guitar Hero (that's just my opinion). The game details are great, and the graphics are pretty good. The characters playing the different instruments are really cool. There are big guys, skinny guys, and some girls. The instruments are relatively easy or hard to play. The instruments themselves are designed well. The drum have four pads to hit and the foot pedal. The guitar and bass have five buttons and there's a whammy bar (which is my favorite). The microphone is nicely built. You can tap the mic to hit percussion notes. The song list is great! There are songs from Metallica, Bon Jovi, Wheezer, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, The Who, Bang Camaro, and Boston. There is some cool guitar solos, and some real cool drum beats. This game is really fun when your rocking with some of your friends. A real hit!