OMG the controls suck.

User Rating: 1 | Rock Band IOS
The place where you hit the notes is curved so if you pay attention to the notes you might miss them. They don't even register touches near the bottom of the screen. The different instruments are pretty much the same so you shouldn't even bother trying them all. There are some good songs but you have to play through a lot of garbage to get to them. Good song (Attack- 30 Sec. to Mars). Don't waste your money, just get Tap Tap Revenge 3 for 99 cents vs the 9.99 for this garbage. Oh and its not a flawless bad game either, many lags and crashes. Vocal mode is a joke, you tap to sing, then sometimes you tap to the beat of the song. The economy is not the best right now and the hefty price is a real deal breaker, and when you are done and want more content you have to pay for it. The animations are not custom to the song, the look really bad to like some animated GIFs they are completely off on all of the songs.
Too much hype no deliverance, if i could give a negative score i will, a better use for $10 would be flaming toilet paper.