Ever wanted to play along with your favorite music but you're not a musician? Well this game is for you! And everyone!

User Rating: 9 | Rock Band X360
Rockband is a music game with guitar, bass, drums, and singing. This is the first game ever to bring the whole band experience into your living room and make it accessible for anyone.

If you have played Guitar Hero or some other music game, it's basically the same. A colored note will scroll towards you and when it crosses and bar you hit that button while strumming, or hit the drum pad, or sing the right note. Pretty simple to understand but a big challenge to master. The game has 4 difficulties, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Expert mode is the closest you can get to playing the action song. The notes are exactly the same rhythm as the instrument of the song.

The instruments all work very well and are responsive. Though they wont last forever, especially if you like to slam your foot on that drum pedal. It is a bit of money for one game and a bunch of plastic instruments but you don't get the whole experience if you play without instruments.

There is a great music selection, going across a bunch of genres so you will find something for everyone. There's also hundreds of songs in the store for download now as well, so it's impossible to not find something you would like to play. The game is very addictive, especially for music lovers when you get to listen to great music and play along without having to get a big group of people together. This is the perfect party game, and showing off your crazy skills will happen no matter how hard you try.