Blitz is for those who love their music and experiment with all different instruments with nothing but a controller.

User Rating: 7 | Rock Band Blitz X360
I am a huge fan of the Rock Band series and was excited when I saw Rock Band Blitz available on the sale on the Xbox Dashboard. The arcade game basically allows you to experiment with Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass and Keys but only with your controller as you hit the notes in time to gain stars, cred and coins.

The game also allows you to put any DLC you have on any other Rock Band games including the Rock Band 2 set list if you have imported it onto Rock Band 3 which was a huge sell for me as I have a tonne of DLC. However, the songs that are originally on the game aren't that good even though there are some good songs such as Cult Of Personality, Pumped Up Kicks & Spoonman there are songs that should never be put on a Rock Band game such as Moves Like Jagger and Stronger but on the other hand all the songs can be put onto Rock Band 3 for free therefore increasing RB3's replay value.

The game also allows encourages you to challenge your friends to beat your score which makes you want to replay songs until you get the maximum score you can achieve. In spite of this, it makes you desire a multiplayer feature such as been able to work together with a friend and share the instruments between you or maybe even go against them in a similar way to the Guitar Hero duels as there are many power ups featured on the game such as runaway notes and fireworks that make the left and right stick pushing slightly more entertaining .

Overall, Rock Band Blitz is a must get for music lovers who have purchased many songs on other Rock Band games but I wouldn't recommend for anyone who isn't willing to purchase DLC as there are only 25 songs and there aren't any masterpieces on there. The tabs are accurate and gameplay is smooth and looks impressive but there isn't much gameplay beside moving your left and right sticks up and down.