greatest music game ever made

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band 3 X360
this game was just purely awesome. I'm a fan of both rock band and guitar hero, but this game made me toss out my guitar hero crap and play this game. one of its greatest accomplishments with this game is its new pro mode. Pro mode lets you play the instrument by using the real keys, like the keyboard or the new fender guitar, or even pro drums.

Keyboard: the key board didn't feel right at first but after a while it was perfect. i mean in normal mode you just play with 1 of the 5 color keys, but in pro mode it gets harder. i have only got up to pro mode medium because its so difficult, in a good way. this really can teach you how to play a real keyboard and i loved it, but i already know how to play a keyboard. but for those who know how to use a keyboard its still difficult, its not easy. but with this only 80 bucks for just the keyboard its still a good deal

Pro Guitar: the new guitar is some what good, but has it flaws. one thing is for sure the tutorial takes forever. but it can teach you to play the guitar, bad this is the keys feel the same so it can be difficult. now i didn't buy this but my friend did and right now he's kinda regretting it, i mean its $150 just for this, i wish they could of made it cheaper and a tad bit easier to use.

Pro drums: pro drums isn't really hard, i mean all you use is a new attachment with cymbals which cost about 50 dollars, not a lot of money, thats a good thing. now i can't say any thing good nor bad, its like the guitar hero drums, nothing much else.

this game is worth buying, and no the microphone does not have a pro mode. but for those of you who are thinking of buying this game, just buy it. it has a great career mode thats just plain flawless, and tons more. but i would buy this game for the keyboard its really that good