The most awesome game ever !!

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band 3 X360
I been waiting a while for that release, and i knew that game would be on top !!
this is definitly the best music games ever made, so i think you should forget about ghitar hero or karaoke games.

first, i think that game deserve nothing else then 10/10 just for one major reason, which is to build a hudge library of songs like i did. Now you can own more then 2000 songs to play on a single disc (rb 3)
i think its so aewsome to be able to export every rock band games in rock band 3, except for the beatles which is sad, but understandable cause the copyrights cost so much. it's just sad to have to pay an extra 10$ for every rock band games exportation. but whatever, maybe expensive to buy song and to export games but worth the price.
so basically, you can have rock band 1, 2, 3, AC/DC, Green day, LEGO, the doors special edition & download content to play on the same disc. HOW F***ING AWESOME IS THIS !!

2nd, i think the game add a lot of awesome features, such as pro mode, vocals harmonies, keyboard, the ability to drop in and out from a song to change instruments or settings..., as well a better create player to make a perfect character, better graphic engine, better career mode, better practice mode, the ability to strum the guit when you like...

3rd, you'll be able to buy a real electric guitar made by fender to play as pro mode,(sick !!) but the real guit would be release not before 2011 and the model will cost probably more then the same in a music store, cause its specially made for rock band.

so my final word is,: if you love music like i do, and you can't miss a day without it, just buy that game, and download whatever you like, its expensive but worth every single penny if you have time to play, i wish i had more time.

there's some of the hottest band packs & albums from the game;

ac/dc, nirvana, red hot chili peppers, judas priest, iron maiden, CCR, jimi hendrix, the doors, green day, bob marley, snoop dogg, the who, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, offsprings, all that remains, disturbed, avenged sevenfold, slipknot, pantera, ozzy osbourne, motley crue, alice cooper, no dought anthrax, megadeth, blink 182, stevy ray vaught, queen,....

some of it are full cd greatest hits

if you looking for a good expert singer, there my gamertag for xbox,: methodan

some time i do have a little french canadien accent, but more while i speak, cause i know what i'm singing lol

add me if your good and like to play in a big library of songs, cause i will own soon close to 900 songs, cause i got them all; LEGO, ACDC, RB 1,2,3, the doors, green day + like 400 dlc

catch you guys later

ps.: i usually have an overal about 95% expert on vocals, beetween 85-90% expert on guit or bass, and i'm not good on drum, i play a little bit on hard diffulty, i never try drum online cause i'm not good like the others.