Pro-mode rocks, RB3 rules...easily...

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band 3 X360
The drum pro-mode in Rockband 3 is phenomenal. I play mostly on drums and use a Roland V-kit with TD-10R mesh heads and a Roland triggered Pearl rhythm traveler bass drum connect via the Ion controller and a HH-Kickbox mod. The charting is done quite well and I feel it has improved my playing skills immensely. The HH-Kickbox allows me to use a real triggered base drum (iron cobra dbl pedals) and the HH pedal down is yellow, up is blue so I have a true playing environment set up. I also use the Alesis Surge cymbals which are true metal cymbals with triggers.

I found practicing to just music or learning new techniques by just listing rather cumbersome and boring, playing the game is great with the direct feed back and well written charts (some are slightly off due to exclusion of double bass and some hihat work, but it is very close). I have been playing since RB1 but with the new pro-charts it is much better. I used to play my drums like once a week for an hour or so (been playing for nearly 30 years), I now play everyday, often for 3-4 hours at a time, anyone's skills would get better with that much playing of any instrument...

The vocals are also well done, with the exception that there is a bug for vocal overdrive atm, but the games only been out a few days. I wish there was a way to set the game up so my character would get the points for vocals and drums at the same time (I often do both) but right now it requires me to log in as two characters (not a biggie).

The keyboards are also very realistic on expert pro-mode and fun to play. Again, a great learning tool for piano/keys.

Finally, I am waiting for my pro-guitar but given how solid the keys and drums are I expect it will help my guitar skills a lot as well..

Peace .....x IR0N COBRA x.....10/10 EASY!