You may regret my review,but is my point of view about Rock Band 3

User Rating: 8.5 | Rock Band 3 X360
Rock Band has revolutionated the rhytm music games market,tell even for the "extra games" like The Beatles Rock Band,Rock Band Unplugged


+ Great Visual - I can't deny it,is perfect and beautiful,the strings of the guitar or bass are so real and that,is good,really good

+ Keyboard is Funny - An addiction to series,not useless,very interresting and funny to play

+ Carrer Mode is Awesome - It rewards you great,makes you feel more "reason to play"


- Repetitive Visual - Is great,oh yes,but,is too way similar as it's predecessors,like the chracters and this,they don't change?Boring

- Keyboard is expensive - Is funny,but if you wanna experience it,ready your wallet,the keyboard set is very expensive

- Familiar Setlist - There are new songs,but the setlist is using musics that we already seen in other games,Could be GH before the 3 (Harmonix + RedOctane) or musics over the others GH after it


You can negativate,but admit it,it isn't perfect,and I DO NOT COMPARE IT WITH GH 6 - WOR!!!

Both are exellent games and sometimes i like more GH 6,others,RB 3

But RB3 shown yourself funny and playable