Rock Band 2 is a fantastic music game with great value. (9.6)

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band 2 X360
Before reading this review, please know that this is from the perspective of someone who bought the game with only the Rock Band 1 drum kit. I have not played the guitar, bass, or singing tracks on any of the songs. However, from playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero with full bands I basically know what I'm missing.

Rock Band 2 is the sequel to the revolutionary music game, Rock Band. Developed by Harmonix, Rock Band was revolutionary because of the fact that you could play 1-4 instruments simultaneously with a group of friends. It was basically the closest thing to being in an actual band. A year later, Harmonix released Rock Band 2. Would it be as good? Well let's get to the review.

Game Play: 10/10

The game play in the first Rock Band was perfect. Playing with friends brought out that same amazing feeling as playing in a real band. You worked through the songs together following the note highway's which were exactly like Guitar Hero's. It all worked. With Rock Band 2, there isn't much they changed. The fact that they didn't add many new features isn't a bad thing. The gameplay is already perfect, why fix it? One new feature in Rock Band 2 is the ability to play World Tour online with friends or strangers. It's really fun and very accessible. I found it a lot easier to access than most rhythm games online systems. Also, you can transfer all your Rock Band songs onto Rock Band 2 for a $5 fee, which is pretty neat.

Graphics: 9.0/10

Graphics in rhythm games aren't really important at all. When Rock Band was released, the visuals looked amazing. It just added to the game with It's artsy appeal. Rock Band has adopted the same style and it looks great. Overall, Rock Band 2's graphics are great.

Sound/Soundtrack: 10/10

The sound track in Rock Band 2 is really really amazing. There are several artists, such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kansas, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, The Who, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, and many more. There are also no cover songs in the game. Every track is the original recording. The songs sound great and the sound effects sound natural. Amazing sound, overall.

Value: 9.5/10

Rock Band 2 is packed with content and value. The fact that there are around 500 downloadable songs speaks for itself. You will be playing this game for a long, long time.

Overall score: 9.6/10

Rock Band 2 is a fantastic music game with great value.