This is a real good rockband game!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band 2 X360
I would recomend this game to anyone out there who likes the music type games. This game has a drum trainer feature on the game. In the drum trainer it has a beat trainer that you can also learn all the different beats on the drums. It has a fill trainer that you can learn different comdinations on the drums that you can use int the game. It also has a freestyle mode that you can bang away on your drums to your own music from your hardrive. when you are singing it has a pitch indicater that shows what pitch you are on. when you sing to the lyrics there's an option that lets you choose beatween scrolling and static. scrolling is were the notes are scrolling by and static is kind of like a karoke kind of style. Sometimes at the end of a song there is big rock ending's that you just bang away at the drums and then at the end you have to hit the last note. There's is an improved world tour mode that you can go all over the world in different venue's. There's a new thing called battle of the bands where you can compete with others over xbox live. These are all the songs on the game Let There Be Rock, Girls Not Grey, You Oughta Know, Man in the box, Ramblin Man, Almost Easy, Shooting Star, So Watcha Want, E-pro, Rebel Girl, White Wedding Pt.1, One Way Or Another, Tangled Up in Blue, Livin On Prayer, Hello There, Uncontroble Urge, Feel the Pain, Down With the Sickness, New Kid in school, panic attack, hungry like the wolf, Pump it up, go your own way, everlong, we got the beat, alabama getaway, american woman, shackler's revenge, PDA, moutain song, aqualung, the middle, bad reputation, any way you want it, painkiller, carry on wayward son, pretend that were dead, our truth, one step closer, my own worst enemy, De-Luxe, colony of birchmen, peace sells, battery, where'd you go, float on, ace of spades, kids in america, drain you, spirit in the sky, come and out play, nine in the afternoon, that's what you get, alive, lump, tesitfy, round and round, give it away, alex chilton, give it all, the trees, lazy eye, today, i was wrong, teenage riot, spoonman, cool for cats, bodhitsattva, rock'n me, eye of the tiger, chop suey, psycho killer, master exploder, souls of black, pinball wizard, visions, get clean, shoulder to the plow, welcome to the neighborhood, a jagged gorgeous winter, convetional lover, supreme girl, rob the prez-o-dent, and night lies.