The little improvments arn't mindblowing but are complimentable.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rock Band 2 PS3
The second addition in the Rockband series by Harmonix Music has finally joined my PS3 game library. After playing the first one for months and ploughing through the solo careers until my eyes and fingers almost bled I couldn't wait until Rockband2 was available to pre-order.
Tuesday the 27th of March and I had came home from school to find the game through my letter box. I rushed upstairs and shoved it into my console. My first impressions of the game were pritty good: the graffics were admirable, the song library was better than the last one since I knew most of the newer and more more classic songs on it such as Paramore - That's what you get, Duran Duran - Hungry like the wolf, Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy, System Of A Down - Chop Suey etc.
At first I was a little confussed about the layout of the options that you could play in. There wasn't any solo career! I later found out that to play on your own you would have to got into "Tour" and then create a band and just choose what instrument you were going to play; unlike the last game where you had to have at least two people to play on a tour. The good thing about this feature is that you can still live out the career path of a rockband but not have to worry about anybody else failing a song or being embarrassed that you failed one urself. If you do prefer to be playing this with a buddy and still hate being embarrassed or someone else spoiling your note streak then Harmonix have put in a really handy "No Fail" feature. You can suck at this game and still manage to finnish a song without panicking that your performance bar is flashing red.
Another good feature that I liked about this game is that the songs that you downloaded for the first Rockband are still playable in Rockband2 (which I was thankfull for because they never did show up on my Rockband game) and this helps put a "personal" touch to your song library and makes the game a little more enjoyable.
Rockband2 gives you and mates a chance to make your skills increase by completing a series of challenges that if you complete you earn a nice little animated trophy for you PSN account, but is not able to be played by one person. Unfortunatly at least two people have to be playing.
The game still holds a good multiplayer option online, whether it's playing in a band with strangers or battling to see who is better at what. It is still good entertainment. Not much improvement has been made to the character creater either, it is still the same basic hair cuts and clothes with a few new additions to the wordrobe. As for the art options most of them are new.
All in all the game its self better in the fact that there are new songs on it. Most of the older features are still there with a few improvements added but unfortunatly they arn't anything special. Although I was a little disappointed with it I still enjoy playing it from time to time - just not as much as I did with the first one. In my opinion, these kind of games have lost there novelty of being a breakthrough in interactive gaming. If Harmonix want's to build up a really big hype about their next Rockband addition their going to have to come up with something completely new and exciting instead of just putting in a few tweeks here and there.