Great for parties or with another player. Some nice tracks but many lesser known or not even known ones as well.

User Rating: 8 | Rock Band 2 PS3
This is a great game for multiple players. The guitar is great fun, the drums are also but a little harder to play. Singing is surprisingly easy since all you need to do is get in the ballpark of the tune.

There are quite a few good classic tracks such as "Eye of the tiger" but Survivor and Livin' on a prayer" by Bon Jovi. They are extremely fun to play if not just for the sake of some fond memories.

However what surprises me are all the tracks I've never even heard of by artists and bands I didn't even know existed. I'd like to consider myself almost in touch with current or at least a lot of music but the tracks by these small or unheard of artists and bands are not fun to play at all.

The game starts with a standard list of tracks that can be played and more is unlocked as progression is made. However, the newly unlocked tracks are mostly by smaller or unheard of artists and bands.

A great point is that there are many tracks you can buy and download from the PSN.