Fun but Flawed

User Rating: 8 | Rock Band 2 X360
So we have been playing a lot of these music games lately. Mostly because I found the box set of this game pretty cheap. The wireless controls are pretty sweet, and very responsive. Especially the drum kit, that has just a touch more padding than the original set.
The gameplay has not changed much. You have a no fail setting, and even an expanded practice mode for drummers. I usually play the drums if you can't tell.
If there is a flaw in the well cut cloth, it is the set list. There are a few recognizable songs, but for the most part it is a bunch of new artists, or even lesser known songs from well known acts.
I guess in their urgency to be edgy, the Harmonix people forgot that the game is only as good as the music that is included. Still, if you can get a bunch of friends together, Rock Band 2 can still be a good time, and a fun party game.