If you like rhythm games, you'll love this.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band 2 X360
As a huge Guitar Hero fan, let me tell you that Rock Band 2, while different in timing and graphics, is definitely worth your time. As you may or may not know, Rock Band 2 allows you to do exactly what you did in Rock Band 1: play guitar, bass, or drums and also scream your lungs into oblivion with vocals as songs ranging from classic rock to heavy metal play. The game does have a few minor issues with on-line play but that varies from player to player. There are some frame rate and connectivity issue with some players but others are just fine and never have too much of a problem. Just beware that your experience online may not be the best. But do not fear, for if you have friends that live nearby, you can play split screen four player with them. This is my preferred way to play. You get to compliment each other whenever someone does something amazing, such as hitting a frightfully high note on vocals or nailing a guitar solo on Expert. This game has four difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert). For beginners, Easy and some Medium will be appropriate. For those who played the previous game or Guitar Hero, Hard and Expert will be the way to go. Just beware that when they say Expert, they really mean it sometimes. Add on hundreds and hundreds of song available from download and you should have a pretty good time.