This is no stripped port.

User Rating: 9 | Rock Band 2 WII
It seems every time a game hit all three consoles the wii gets the short end and the gamers usely get a stripped port of it, much like rock band earlier this year. Rock Band 2 is not one of thoes games. Everything the 360/ps3 versions have (except the tattoo edit) is here. The sound track has more verity to it than the first one, so everyone is bound to find a song that they like. Theres even welcome additions like no fail mode and the ability to play with your GH controllers. Graphically the game looks great, theres no grainy video of a band, now you get your band playing. The animation can look choppy at some points, but really who's watching that? Rock Band 2 has more longevity than the first one. With over 80 tracks, down loadable ones, an expansive world tour mode, daily challenges, battle of the bands, and online play with others theres alot to do and see. So if you like music games it doesn't get any better than this.