Any way you want it, chop suey, down with the sickness, and teenage riot Who doesnt have this game?!

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band 2 X360
Ahh yes Harmonix...Good people my dad works with the co-creator but that's a diffrent story, so yes i got rock band 2...and how much harder this game is then the first...ugh


Song selection: tottaly inferior to the first...but seriously really great songs, and really fun to play!

Downloadable content: My jaw fell out of my mouth when I heard they are sueposed to have over 500 songs i already have 30 downloaded songs ((thanks to back of instruction book)) but really great songs by my favorite band ((All that remains: chiron, this calling, two weeks)) also some songs by boston like "More then a feeling"

Great family/friend game: Finally a no fail mode, If ur mom and dad suck and ruin ur night, no fear "no fail" mode is here! just tell them not the sing the song ;) and also for friends who suck, overall this game is fantastic no, Superb in multiplayer just awesome now that you can go online and help people in there Tour, and help you, unless if THEY suck and fail and loose you fans...not my problem.



Microphone: i love sining my death metal songs...i tried this now...for songs that arent yelly just humm the tune...i mean really it works if u hum but that sucks all the fun out of the game and yes i know many MANY to many people that do this and here is what the little 12 year old kids say after i yell at them " i'm scared to sing infront of people" THEN WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SINGING ON EASY FOR?!?!?! GOD I mean i am not going to yell at u if you suck but...Just dont loose me 15,000 fans!

Besides that yes...possibly my favorite game of all time SEE YOU ONLINE!!!
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