Awesome, stupendous, nearly perfect, can't stop playing, LOVE IT!

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band 2 PS3
What can you say? Multi-player extraordinaire! Single player fantastic, fulfill all your fantasies about being a rock star. If you have a great surround sound system (i do) then you can totally immerse yourself and really feel like your complete lack of musical ability doesn't really exist ( I have no musical talent). Video games are all about escaping reality and being who you aren't, and having skills that you don't, this is one of the best extensions of that to date. With the volume up, when you hit the notes and feel the power of creating the music that you love.... well.. you know... This is a must buy for everyone, period. The first time my daughter made me pick up a plastic guitar I thought about all the times I have played "air guitar" and, hey, maybe this will be cool... turned out I couldn't do this (in the beginning), like anything, it took time adjusting & learning and now... well lets just say the almost 45 year old dad is pretty amazing on guitar and drums, I even sing a little (sort of). I now play up to expert on some things and have downloaded about 300 additional songs. Does anyone have a number for RBanon? I have an addiction.