Great game! The music is awesome! Rock On!!!!

User Rating: 9 | Rock Band 2 PS2
When I first played Rock Band 2 I was unlocking songs and all that stuff. I kept playing these same annoying songs over and over, but after I beat it and had all the songs unlocked I discovered a lot of cool songs! It has better music than Rock Band 1! They've added a few new stuff; like freestyle mode (only for drums). In freestyle mode you can hit whatever notes you want. Another thing is when there are no more notes for the drums in a song you can hit whatever you want and you'll hear it! Pretty cool! There are some really good songs in Rock Band 2; like "Pinball Wizard", "Float On", "Go Your Own Way", "Night Lies", "Carry On Wayward Son", "Livin On a Prayer", "Round and Round", "Battery", and "Any Way You Want It". Now you can make a set list. So you can play a bunch of songs one after the other. Now they show the album cover, the album name, the year it was made, and how hard it is for each instrument when you go over the song. It's a good way to know what album to get on Itunes. If you like music you have to get this game! It's awesome!