Late review of a great game

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band 2 WII
I know it's getting late to review this game, but after the avalanche of music games, I starting to realise the greatest of Rock Band 2.

I don't want to talk about gameplay, quality of instruments or choici of tracks. Everything has been said about that.

What I want to add in this short review is that, looking back, Rock Band 2 is the best investment in music games.

First of all, the tons of DLC is a great way to inject interest in the game once you've grown tired of playing the included tracks.

Secondly, its strengh comes in the faith Harmonix has put in it. They have supported it for almost a year now without releasing Rock Band 3. What have Guitar Hero done in a year ? They released 5 games ! Two of them are band centric games (Metallica, Van Halen), on of them is a greatest hits (with a poor choice of tracks) and the others are Guitar Hero World Tour and 5. I think it's insulting for Guitar Hero's customers.

Yes Rock Band has released Rock Band Beatles, but that's a super game that doesn't interfer with Rock Band 2. Lego Rock Band, not the same market.

So as a whole, I consider Rock Band 2 being the best investment possible in this sea of music games. Great fun and replayability with this huge bank of DLC tracks.

A Must Have !