like music, take a look at this game

User Rating: 9 | Rock Band 2 PS3
First let me just say if this game's price tag intimated's you cause its not every one who has 250 dollars lying around so make sure that your gonna have people to play with either online or locally, because the single player experience is good but it gets tiresome after a while.

Now the gameplay:like i said before this game is better with more people
cause like any other game that can support multiplayer is never really desinged for just one person even if theres a single player experience its just more fun with more people.The gameplay modes are very straight forward, quickplay, story, versus and training.Nothing spectacular but it doesnt need more then it has.

The graphics are definitely better than the original rock band.i can't really say more othert than i looks great.

The audio well being a musci game it needed to deliver and they did on pretty much everything, about 80 songs and you can download 20 free songs and hte songs are really good of course some people may not like some of the songs but that personal prefence.But you can always buy some mor or if you like the songs of the original game you can transfer them for about 5 dollars with the song export key.

overall this is a great game experience but might be a little pricy if your buying for the first time, but its a grreat addition to anyone library.