Nice puzzles ruined by a terrible reliance on terrible shooting environments.

User Rating: 3 | Rochard PS3
If Rochard focused on puzzling and platforming alone, this could have been a very enjoyable game. Instead, you'll find yourself shooting your way out many situations, if you can. Enemies are often off-screen, unceasingly dumping fire on you and killing you before you get a chance to spot them and aim. Your gun overheats, so you must discipline yourself to short bursts. There are many cheap kills, usually in the form of kill boxes that you will unwittingly walk into, or in the form of enemies suddenly spawning in two or three locations and opening fire. You will rarely have time to react to the threat by firing back or finding cover.

The puzzles and platforming are creative (I don't think they're all that new, though). The John Carpenter-like music and the voice acting stand out as the best parts of Rochard. It is unfortunate that the developers didn't stick with adventure theme. If they had ramped up the story, characters, and puzzle/platforming, this would have been a much better game.

One other important thing you should know. Rochard crashed my Slimline PS3 at least five or six times during my playing.