Okay physics based game.

User Rating: 6.5 | Rochard PC
Rochard is a linear physics based action/adventure/puzzler/platformer to describe it best. It is not a Metroidvania game, but does offer some exploration and power ups. You will make use of a G-Lifter (gravity gun) to solve various physics based puzzles and take out bad guys. The game is by no means bad, but I do have a few gripes about it.

My first issue comes with the difficulty level. The game is way too easy. The part that is really disappointing is the difficulty of the puzzles. They don't really require thinking at all, until you get to the later ones. The later puzzles are still very easy, but a few of them are pretty fun. You won't find anything on the level of Portal, Braid, or Limbo here. The game may not strive to be a great puzzle game, but it sure does include a lot of them. The AI lack any intelligence, mutter the same quips over and over, and are easily baited. The platforming and combat are also on the easy side, but this may be due to the control scheme, which leads me to my second issue.

The control scheme is just a little too complex. I made it about half through the game before it felt natural. I am not sure why the game does not let you toggle low gravity on and off. Instead you must hold down a button to turn on low gravity. I spent about half the game holding down the low gravity button, you will be using it quite a bit.

The game manages to feel cheap yet forgiving at the same time. The game will offer a few cheap kills here and there only to respawn you at generous checkpoint. What's most frustrating is that the game typically doesn't allow backwards exploration. Usually once you pass though a door it will be sealed off and if you missed anything you will have to restart the level to find any missed items. Most of the collectable items and power ups are incredibly easy to find so this won't be a problem often.

The story seems uninspired, and humor seems to be targeted for a younger audience. The atmosphere fails to really draw the player in. Most of the ideas here are not new and you will have seen them before unless you are new to gaming. A few unique ideas exist and bring a feeling of "aha that's neat". The few times that the music does become part of this game, it is quite enjoyable. The music has an "80's movie" sound to it. If you grew up in the 80's or enjoy 80's movies, I think you will enjoy it.

Thinking about what I have said here; I can only imagine that the developers were targeting a younger audience. I definitely recommend this game for your kid (ages 10-14). Older audiences may also enjoy this title if they enjoyed Portal or Half Life 2 or they may not. I think enjoying this game comes down to a distinct personal taste. Predicting whether or not you will like this game might be quite difficult. I think if you are debating on getting this game, go ahead and buy it. This game reuses a lot of good ideas, but lacks any inspiration for itself.