How could punches and kicks Hurt RoboCop?

User Rating: 1 | RoboCop NES
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Learning Curve: 20 Minutes

Score: 1 out of 10

Well it's a video game and it's based on a movie that came out in 1987 that's right we are talking about Robocop, Now I'll let you know I **** loved Robocop the ultimate mesh of Human and Machine so when I saw that they made Robocop for the NES I was hyped over it. Robocop came out in 1988 which was a year after the movie came out so I was hoping that it would be good was it? pissing in a radiator a good idea? No it stinks. I couldn't even get passed the first level of this game so I'll review what I played , You play a Robocop that's color is off it may be my eyes but I think he looks green, he's suppose to have a steel color but than again it's my eyes, so onto the game play it seems that everything is lagged in this game I mean you push a button and it seems to take forever to get a response also going down stairs isn't that easy if they are trying to mimic how hard it was for Robo to go down stairs in the movie than they succeeded it was way to hard in this game. Also depending on how you do down you can actually make him moonwalk down the stairs, a sign of a bad game. You start off walking down a street and I swear to god I understand that it was the NES so it had limitations but wasn't it possible to make more than one gang color? I mean I had enough of beating on enemies who looked the same to last a lifetime. With the exception of the flying chopper person none of them shot a weapon in this level all they did was punch and kick, did you ever see a guy and punch the **** out of Robocop? No you didn't but in this game they must have had fists and feet of steel because they Kicked Robo's ass. Last I'll bring up is the dogs when did you ever see a dog **** up Robo? or even attack him? you didn't it's just one more thing to make this game look so bad. A 1 out of 10 from me.