this game should be **** destroyed of how **** dumb this game is ocean made this piece of **** this game sucks ass

User Rating: 1.5 | RoboCop GB
hi I'm back to review the **** of robocop on gameboy. so we have a **** brilliant movie and a **** brilliant hand held system and a **** **** company called ocean made up of 5 **** hobos who needed money and all liked **** video games so they make series of **** bad games based on good movies so they make a robocop game on gameboy and that is when all **** hell breaks loose seriously what the **** were they **** thinking so the first level you start with a good song the **** theme song to the movie cause the **** game has its own but it **** sucks ass so you start shooting bad guys every where like a good game contra.....except the **** fact that your guy is **** slow as **** hell seriously it is like a **** copy of contra except slow as **** hell and the **** 4th level is the most impossible level in **** video game **** history **** this game **** sucks monkey **** ass and thank **** lord i destroyed it is **** deserved it this game is as bad as **** ET so that is how **** bad this game is **** this game is **** horrible. so my **** final **** verdict is 1.0 cause this game flaws in every **** way possible and they made a **** remake on the **** gba how **** sad is that **** see my next review, I'm reviewing Star Trek Deep Space Nine Crossroads.Game Reviewer out.