Anoying, But It Grows On You.

User Rating: 7 | RoboCop NES
Robocop. A game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The movie was awful I thought, haha, but the game pretty fun. It's one of those games that you turn it on then turn it off because you think its boring. But, I am telling you it grows on you. In this game your the old school robocop. You go threw this side scrowling game killing thiefs and animals, its fun. You can have the classic style weapon fromt the movie and feel like your really in the game. But I do have to say, it has some flaws. Like anoying controls and stuff and that music is pretentious. I guess if your starting a new series to the nes system you should get this game. Hey, I bought it for one dollar on ebay and it was defently worth it. I would reccamend this game to anyone who doesnt care about controller issues, so yeah. 7.0/10