Hey there had to be a game about huge movie hit "Robocop", sadly it was this one.

User Rating: 6 | RoboCop NES
Picture this, run of the mill average kid psyched up from the Robocop movies finds Robocop cartridge for the NES… equals instant purchase! Ok, keep what I just said in mind before we continue and picture this also, gaming era where mind numbing trial and error and endless repetitions of don’t stop till you get it right roam the face of the earth. Now the rest is part of gaming history and this is where Robocop for the NES comes into the scene. Sure you play this game now and it’s as good as watching a plant grow without the frustration but the thing is that any which way the game wasn’t total anguish back then.

For what its worth Robocop wasn’t as bad an experience as it is now, of course the game is hard, especially when Robocop decides to put away his gun in the middle of a “gunfight”. All in all, Robocop gave me a decent experience in delivering a game about the movie, even though there isn’t much of dialog and it does not follow the movie to the dot. The thing is there weren’t any other Robocop games out there back then so we basically can’t review the game by today’s standards. The game gives you decent graphics for the NES and not so good gameplay and music. I am happy to say it excels in two things, the first one is a memorable experience weather it was horrible or just a basic I played it for a few days and I remember the excitement before I popped the game in. Two, it is the best Robocop game it can be… for that period of time…back then… and before the sequel.