One of my first games. How can I not give it a good score?

User Rating: 7 | RoboCop NES
Robocop. Looking back on the early years, I am surprised at how violent this game is. Not that there's blood or anything, but the whole concept of taking out bad guys with fists and bullets.

Basically, you walk through levels killing dogs and hoodlums in your path. Robocop can shoot in all directions, but he can't run. The bosses are, from what I recall, pretty hard to take down. All in all, it's a simple game with a touch of modern shooters. For being a NES game, it was pretty fun. So, never played Robocop 2 or 3. Never saw the movie either. Just played the game.

The varity of bad guys is good. There are men on motorcycles who will try to run you over. German Shepherds, karate guys, flame throwers from windows, and plain gang members try to stop your intrusion upon Detroit's thungs.
There aren't that many levels though. But still a hard game.