Its not perfect, but pretty fun when you have nothing to do!

User Rating: 7 | ROBLOX PC

This is a user-made game, so of course there is going to be crap on there. Some games on here have pretty bad communities like MeepCity or Jailbreak and the YouTube scene here is also pretty lackluster, with a few that are actually cool (e.g AlbertsStuff and KenekoKitten), but even if so I found myself addicted to some of the games on here, you just need to dig to find them. Heres my top ten list of reccomendations

10: Elemental Battlegrounds


8: The Impossible Obby

7: Doomspire Brickbattle

6: Club DJ

5: Prison Life

4: Island Royale

3: Pet Simulator

2: Word Bomb

1: Flood Escape 2