In an age of FPS's, this game still has the ability to draw your attention

User Rating: 8.4 | Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria PC
Even though the graphics are highly dated, the gameplay of Phantasmagoria is still captivating. For those who don't know, Phantasmagoria is a horror-ish point click adventure game. For anyone who enjoys adventure games, this is a must have for your collection IF you can handle somewhat disturbing scenes.

The game does have the option to "censor" certain things that some people might find too much for them. This game was made to thrill and it does just that. If you love adventure games, you should play through this one at least once. And it is still playable in windows XP even though it came from a time of Windows 95. Enjoy!

(sometimes you miss things the 1st time around, and playing it again will enlighten you to things you missed. Therefore it has a decent replayability factor)