Phantasmagoria ~ a game set in a haunted mansion.

User Rating: 5 | Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria PC
Well, what can I say about this game. The storyline for the game is quite good and is basically about this couple who have moved into a masion. The mansion turns out to be haunted by the previous owner, and therefore you learn of the terrible things he had done it that house, (for e.g. he murdered his wives) and also Don who is part of the couple who moved into the house gets possessed and tries to murder his wife.
Your job is to create a game strategy by following the clues and solving the puzzles. The game is split into 7 chapters and you can start at the beginning of any chapter.
Now for what I thought about the game. I thought the graphics and sound were terrible, and I know its an old game but I still expected the graphics to be fairly decent. There was nothing about the game that made me want to carry on, no aspect of the game gripped me or got me interested and I am really dissapointed. I also thought the game was too easy. There was no real brain teaser puzzles and the game itself I thought was quite bland.
I wouldnt say that this was a really bad game, but I didnt enjoy playing it. I think this was a bad creation from Sierra.