An excellent game with a great story, awesome music, GORE, and an incredible gameplay

User Rating: 9 | Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria PC
Phantasmagoria is a game about a woman called Adrienne which moved with her husband Don to an huge mansion. While staying in the house you discover a book which, when Adrienne opens it it unleashes an evil force that possess Don.
In the next days, Don changes his temperament and attitude and becomes an evil and disgusting man.
But Adrienne starts discovering the real secrets behind the past owner, Carno.
The game was released 12 years ago, and still it's great in this time.
The game is full FMV, so it requires 7 CD's due to bad compression on the time, it runned great on XP, and for the ones who don't like a so small screen, you can use an XP installer, which is on the net.
The graphics are only the scenarios, which looks realistic, even for this time.
The video quality isn't bad, but still it's not perfect.
The soundtrack while being MIDI's, have great pieces like the game's theme Consumite Furore, and it's greatly placed in all the moments.
The acting is great, the actors used in the game are excellent ones.
All these makes an excellent game, which, even at the probable 60 bucks price, is worth it but...
WARNING: the game features an great array of violent and sexual scenes.
There are 2 sex scenes, which one is considered to be a rape one, there are gory deaths which still these days are gross and grotesque.