The Bourne Conspiracy is no doubt a great action game but the shooting could have been better.

User Rating: 9.5 | Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy X360
They finally came out with a game based on Jason Bourne the movies were excellent and so was the game but the only thing I complain about is the shooting feels a little off to me. The graphics, sound and story are top notch though.

This is a game where the hand to hand combat is better than the shooting. The fighting in this game is excellent; it has environmental takedowns which are just hilarious and regular takedowns. The story isn't that long but it definitely keeps you entertained. The controls are easy to learn and the game is pretty much self explanatory. The game is fair though even if you have a group of two or three men surrounding you only one will really fight while the other ones will take swings you have to hit the button that comes up to block the punch then go right back to fighting whoever you were. Sometimes you'll find yourself in a fight and a guy will be shooting at you this is another part I don't like because once you're in a fist fight you can't get out of it to run to cover you have to finish the fist fight than take the guy with the gun out again this won't happen often though. There is also shooting takedowns which come in handy since the shooting itself is off, the takedown kills the guys instantly. There is also one driving scene in the game and the controls for the car isn't that overly great either.

Overall The Bourne Conspiracy is definitely an awesome first try and i really hope to see a sequel. This game is definitely a must buy for anyone that likes action games or anyone who loves the movies.