Think of The Bourne Conspiracy as a sort of late movie/game tie-in with the Bourne Identity, the first Bourne film.

User Rating: 8 | Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy PS3

The Bourne Conspiracy is basically a very late movie tie-in with the Bourne Identity (which was the first ever Bourne movie, starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a secret assassin working for a secret organisation with links to the CIA). I, personally, loved ALL of the Bourne films: the fight scenes, the car chases, the acting, the emotional parts, the shocking parts, and, of course, the music. So, as you can probably imagine, I had VERY high hopes for this game.

Unfortunately, it was like a kid forced to do homework they don't want to do: it only met the bare minimum standard and no more, no less. It included fight scenes, gun-play, explosions, Treadstone (if you have seen the films, you'll know what I'm talking about), a car chase, and the iconic music. But all that was expected, so they threw in a few extra missions (which are actually flashbacks of Bourne's from the missions leading up to the Bourne Identity), which were needed because the other missions, which were scenes/moments from the film, were quite short and weren't that great on their own. Also, the cinematics are very bad in terms of the graphics. Honestly, I can say with a hand on my heart, that, for once, the graphics (especially on Bourne) are better in-game than in the cutscenes! Jason just looks better and cooler in-game, because in the cut-scenes his forehead looks massive and like its sticking out a lot, and his eyes are huge and staring!

So, it didn't really impress in terms of the missions, their length, how many of them there were, and the cutscenes... but it DID impress in terms of what was in the missions. For example, the boss fights (which are completed through fights) are really, REALLY good! Also, the gunplay works surprisingly well!

The good:
1) The gunplay is very good.
2) The weapons look and sound great.
3) The car chase wakes you up and livens things up a bit.
4) The boss fights are awesome and engaging!
5) The fight scenes are also great and fun.... however, they are significantly shorter than the boss fights.
6) The iconic Bourne music returns, with some extra bonus tracks that you can unlock by collecting 'Passports', which are scattered throughout the game.
7) For the most part, the voice-acting and the lip-synching are very good, with only a few infrequent problems or bugs.
8) The extra missions give a good insight into Bourne's past and the events leading up to what happened in the Bourne Identity.
9) Q.T.E. (Quick Time Events, which are basically moments in a game where you have to press certain, indicated buttons at a certain time, in a certain time limit) moments pop-up in the game from time-to-time... meaning that you have to stay awake when you play this game!
10) The takedowns during fights are awesome, gruesome, and usually very varied!

The bad:

1) The graphics in the cinematic moments are actually worse than in the actual game!
2) The game is very short, as are the missions.
3) There is no multiplayer, or any online features at all.
4) The passports feel to contrived and are just there as a last-minute idea to add replay value.
5) Matt Damon does not voice this Jason Bourne, nor does he look anything like him.

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