User Rating: 6.5 | Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy X360
Time after time again, I have expressed to people how I wish that they would make a game that has "bourne" style combat, even before I know about the creation of a game taken directly from that source material. Seeing the on-screen avitar pull off equal portions of jaw droppingly quick and beautiful martial art feats, would be a dream come true.

My expectations could be nothing less than maxed out, which is not somthing I usually do with a movie tie in. So I rent this thing, and within 10 minutes of playing it, I painfully realize that a horrendous crime has been commited on the video game community! This is not a video game, I have just rented the most interactive DVD version of the Bourne Identity known to man.

Okay time out, let me give credit where credit is due before I start getting hate mail. The visuals in the game are nothing short of stunning, with its well crafted but repeditive character models, and detailed looking enviornments. Explosions are also top notch, with some great fire effects. The sounds of the game hit the mark with some inpressive impact and swing sounds from combat, BMG music, and dialog.

Now here is where we transition into the disapointing part. The majority of the outstandingly well coriagraphed combat sections, are handled throug a series of QTEs. Now, I've got no problem with the way they are exicuted, there the best part of the game, it's just that it happens to be the only good part of the game as well. The basic combat which should be the meat and potatoes of the package is below average. Some of the worst action games on the market have more than a 3 hit combo system. This is supposed to be Jasson Bourne, but he fights more like one of the double dragon twins from the old coin up arcade!

The only practicle function of the basic combat system is to build up the meter that governs the QTE sequences so you can give control of the fighting back to the computer. Sure, it's better than playing Shenmue, but at least the Shenmue games had a wide veriaty of fighting moves and an open environment to explore, with non linier gameplay.

Out side of the computer controled fighting, which gets really old and repetative, the rest of the game just isn't taken very seriously. There is no way to expand the already limited move set, or the "takedown" moves as there called in the game. It would have been nice to at least have some choices of the takedowns unleashed during gameplay, similar to the peice selection before a mission on Mark Echo's Getting Up.

I had Bourne stand out in the open while an enemy behind cover unloaded several clips into Bourne, (on normal difficulty) and continued until I decided to run right up to him and perform a takedown move. Surrounding enemies have no choice but to take turns hitting you because they did not realize a way to engage several enemies at once like the real Bourne. It's so polite of them to patiently wait their turn while you......while the QTE takes his buddy apart before he remembers he's supposed to kill you, but it's beyond lame. The takedown system is a great idea to use your environment to your advantage, but only as a compliment to an existing fully realized fighting mechanic.

There is one driving scene, and by the time you're comfortable with it, it's over. The shooting is really forgetable, and it's so dull, I don't even know why they bothered to include guns. All in all, the action is note worthy, which makes it a blast to watch, but is not interactive enough to be a decent video game experince for the player. They could have done so much better, mabey they will next time out.