A couple new ideas make Bourne a great fighting/shooting game.

User Rating: 8 | Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy PS3
The Bourne Consiracy is based on the popular series of books and movies and mainly takes place during the first film in the series, adding in a bunch of flash backs from Bourne's past missions.
The Bourne Conspiracy tries to emulate the signature fast and brutal fight scenes of the movies, and pulls it off well!
When you run up to someone the camera will automatically swerve to the side giving you a veiw of you and your opponent, much like a Streetfighter game but... not.
It's all pretty simple. Square for quick attack, triangle for strong but slightly slower attacks. You can combine these two buttons to make cooler moves or hold any of them to do a powerful kick. The cross button is block and trust me when I say, you will need it. The Bourne Conspiracy isn't just a combo of 3 punches and the guy's down. He will fight back and if you're not careful, then you will take a decent smack to the face.
Every time you land a hit though, this little bar on the side of your GPS will go up and eventually, you will be able to perform a takedown which is the best part of all this fighting. Pressing circle will trigger a spectacular finishing move, often having something to do with the environment or the weapon the enemy is carrying. Takedowns are addictive, and you can hold up to three of them so when you're surrounded and have three takedowns, it will kind of trigger a little mini game where you have to press the right buttons at the right time. If all this is done correctly, then three of your enemies will be dead just in the space of one fighting move.... Spectacular...
The shooting mechanics on the other hand, are some what less glamorous. It's a bit like Uncharted's shooting but not as good. Instead, you will have to hold L2 to equip your weapon and press it lightly to switch. Having to equip your weapon is slightly annoying and feels unresponsive sometimes. When you have your gun in hand you will walk slower which is annoying as you're gonna get shot. You can sprint with the R2 button which works too.
The shooting is pretty much cover based but the really cool thing is called "Bourne instinct" and it's pretty unique.
Pressing triangle activates "Bourne instinct" which shows your objective on the map and highlights baddies, but when you have a gun, you will automatically target your enemy with a clear shot at him. Doing this in quick succession with a room full of soldiers is awesome and you truly feel unstoppable, so for me this was the best part about the shooting.
Another thing, there is a small sequence in which you drive a little, little car through the streets of Paris trying to avoid the cops. This section is cool as "Bourne instinct" slows down time making for easier escapes. All in all, the driving part is fun and mixes the gameplay up a bit.
The graphics in the game are... Well I can't really explain. They are okay. There's not really anything to complain about but there's not really anything to praise either so that's all I will say.
The music takes alot of the soundtrack from the movie and that works out well as the game is much like the movies just with more fighting.
Finally, the game is pretty short and easy and wont take very long to beat.
Ummm.... I think that's all I have to say about it, you might want to rent it first or if you see it for a good price in a bargain bin or something then definitely pick it up. Hope this review helped :)