A simplistic but charming dungeon crawler

User Rating: 5 | Riverbond XONE

The charm of Riverbond really comes from knowing what they want to accomplish and accomplishing it well. In typical dungeon crawler fashion, There really isn't much of a story and there really isn't much dialogue. It's just fast-paced action from start to finish coupled with charming looking graphics that are bound to appeal to some (possibly younger) gamers.

What does prevent this game from reaching its full potential is that there is nothing really unique about the gameplay. It's very typical and, much like every hack and slash out there, it can get boring quick. Thankfully, It really doesn't take long to complete and possibly 100% this game (12 hours max). So by keeping it at this relatively low time really prevents the game from wearing on you and losing its appeal.

But again, That is really what drags the game down as a whole. The fact that there are only 8 levels, Very little replay value and nothing unique brought to the table to make it different from all the rest really hurts the overall value and wouldn't exactly make me highly recommend playing it. I think going forward there is a lot that they could expand upon and improve, I certainly wouldn't mind giving the sequel (should they make one) a try but they really got to up their game next time around.

Overall: 5/10
The review is a lot shorter than most of my reviews because there really isn't anything to review. Riverbond is a pretty straight-forward dungeon crawler that isn't exactly gonna blow you away but it could provide some minor entertainment for a couple of hours. There's a lot of room for growth and I think they did a solid job laying a foundation with this game.