Surprisingly Good Street fighter spin off that is very rewarding.

User Rating: 8.3 | Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes PS
Now what do u think about Manga schools fighting in tokyo for supremacy?
I for one think that souns pretty darn nifty! And it is!
With memorable characters and decent animation and a Pretty Good game engine this game is a nice distraction and a must for Capcom fans!
Now the combat is thus: You take 3 characters and put them in a team :)
Then u fight other teams from various schools! Want more detail? okay!
Basically its like street fighter in 3D with a slightly toned down speed.
Now its quite interesting with a Rock-Paper-Scissors style "oh so he did that move that means ill use this one" approach. The battles are quite intense with many a hadouken and Spinning kick coming out of the woodwork. Also the characters are ever so much fun from The bouncy fan service Cheer leader Tyfanny to the Shoryuken-ing teacher Shikazaki they're all memorable and a lot of fun to play as!
The graphics are quite smooth but pretty dated as most PS games are!
The FMV's are basically anime cartoons which are very nicely done! The endings and Credits are a lot of fun. You'll see what i mean :P.
The sound is pretty bad but a few of the stage tunes are pretty good and catchy with the 3rd to last stage being the highlight. But as a japanese 2d fighter i wouldnt exepect anything spectacular if i was you.
Overall a pretty gd spin-off and for bored Street fighter players this is a game to look upon. Reccomended Distraction.