Ristar even makes Mario, and sonic look bad!!! (no offense to the fans)

User Rating: 9.5 | Ristar: The Shooting Star GEN
Ahh..yess....Ristar..nostalgic, nostalgic....

This game should have a sequel, it's amazing! Now remember, it's a classic, and all classical's start out with the bad guys taking over land, leaving only one brave hero to successfully save everyone. But this particular star hero has unique powers and the formula for victory is different rather then jumping on a foe, or using your mad skills and speed to outrun everything in your path, Ristar actually uses his bare hands to reach out, and grab the opponent, then throw them out into cyberspace, It's fun to strangle them too...not to mention easy.

If you're looking for company, this game might give you about 9 hours to beat, the game is in fact pretty easy, and you wont find any big challenge, but it's pretty wholesome.

Graphics/sound are ok, considering that this is on the Sega Genesis
occasionally, Ristar's emotion will change a little, it doesn't affect the gameplay, but I thought it was just fun to watch him



fun,good,easy to learn,unique, once you finish it, you may come back for more


kinda short