They took the original and they turned it 3D. When it works, don't change it!

User Rating: 9 | Risk of Rain 2 (Early Access) PC

Many people have to understand that you don't judge a fish the same way you judge a tiger and this is why I decided to give Risk of Rain 2 a 9 on 10. This is not an exploration game or some kind of PVP like Fortnite. In essence, we can say that Risk of Rain is its own genre of game which I would describe as a "Battle Royale Survival Item Hunt with a Race against time". One could even say that Risk of Rain belongs as a kind of Arcade mode to a triple A title but with the advent of games such as DOTA which literally spawned out of such titles, this game stands on its own.

If I remember correctly, Risk of Rain 1 was released as a "16 bit style" indie game a couple of years ago which was literally about 200mb. Risk of Rain 2 on the other hand weighs a mere 2 gb which for the current generation of games is laughable at best. Anyone looking at this game can clearly tell that it wasn't designed by a big studio with a massive budget. For what it delivers in terms of quality, gameplay, graphics, considering how it was designed by a small team, I am truly impressed.

Risk of Rain 2 has no elaborate story just like its predecessor. You land on an unknown hostile planet for whatever reason and you have to survive. That's it!

The Good:

  • Its really fun! It has a massive replayability value. The levels are even randomized to improve the experience.
  • Various characters with different abilities to choose from and it was announced by the developer that plenty more would be added with updates.
  • There are no breaks, its just hours of constant combat. Move! Dodge! Jump! Shoot! Repeat!
  • Interesting Monsters with unique abilities and tons of bosses.
  • Great Multiplayer! Survive alone or with friends! PVP included for those who like blood!
  • Amazing Soundtrack (If you have the chance go listen to the soundtrack from Risk of Rain 1) There are some amazing songs with guitar solos created in this unique sci-fi style.
  • Some people say that Risk of Rain 2 randomizes items which it does, but you can still create your own build by choosing the right item combination. Throughout the various levels there are "Item Copiers", Item Selection Stands and Lunar Shops which allow you to stack on those items that you really need. Is it possible to mess up a build because of bad luck? sure! But once you get the hang of it, you know how to do the best with what you have!
  • Great atmosphere and various levels with individual designs!

The Bad:

  • The game doesn't really explain anything to new players, so you just have to keep playing to understand...
  • Some challenges to unlock your other characters might be frustrating...I understand why "Hidden Characters" might have to be unlocked, but not default ones.
  • The game is sometimes relentless with mobs and waves of monsters that overcrowd you and never stops. It would have been nice to have some kind of "Shop" or "Upgrade" screen between levels.
  • The graphics have a 2005-2010 feel, some players might consider it too old compared to the current Generation of games! It looks like a Cartoony World of Warcraft!
  • The run button is really annoying...I would have preferred if the character could just keep running without slowing down... sometimes my character slows down and I have to repress the run button. When attacked by hundreds of mods, you simply forget to do it since you assume that your character should constantly be running in such game.
  • The leveling system is kind of useless. You kill monsters which you need to kill anyway to level up in order to increase your stats, but you can't do it manually so what's the point? I often forget that I have a level up bar because the focus of the game is on items not on leveling up. If I had the opportunity lets say to put points into solidifying my build than it would have made sense.


It's a great game! Get it! 9/10