Stragity fans will stil lahve a fun time with this one

User Rating: 7.5 | Risk GEN
I remember playing this game as a kid a lot. Playing it today i was suprized on how fun it was. It's a world war set in the 1800's. Your object is to pick a color and take over the world country by country. You'll lose countless men over the corse of time but it's worth it in the end. Your tasked with placing as much troops as you want in a certain area you want and try to take over the other players area. You want to win by numbers. In becomes a game of wits once you have to decide where to palce your troops and ho much .one wrong move could mean you lose a contry and thats what makes it fun. Battles can be done in real time were you can fieryour cannons at wildly running troops or watch a funny video of a battle. The bord is simple the music is nicly dramatic .it's a good time just waiting to be had. If you have it in your collection dig it out and play it again, if you have a genesis get it.