One of the best strategy games of its time.

User Rating: 9 | Risk GEN
At the time, nothing strategy related could get better than this game in my opinion. The game was fun and mind challenging. You start with a certain number of units and you select which countries you want to have then the cpu or the person you are playing against selects their countries and then you fight it out until there is a winner. The graphics are not that good but they were sufficient for the time that this game was out. Its not really about the graphics in this game but more on the strategy. You have to be really careful about where you put your army at. I try to take over an entire continent like Africa or North America if I could. The fighting is pretty lame though, with just cannons shooting and the guy running back and forth and you are trying to hit them, but you can just simulate the action and the game is still just as fun. It forces you to think about troop placement and whether or not you want to stack one really good force in one country at the risk of the others you control. Overall, a great thinking game to keep your mind busy, and if you want a good strategy classic, I highly recommend this game.