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After the release of the new gameplay trailer, the excitement levels move up a gear for many fans of the series. Personally, this is my most anticipated online first person shooter of the year, surpassing battlefield 5 and leaving it for dead. As a big fan of red orchestra/rising storm, my expectations and ambitions may be very optimistic, so without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Maintain the Realistic Tactical Element of its Predecessors

This is by far the most significant feature which sets the franchise apart from all the other games in its genre. When a game can be played for over 300 hours and still not get boring, you know that your money has been well spent (this was the case with rising storm 1 and red orchestra).

Furthermore, with the original rising storm, squad leaders would have the ability to throw smoke grenades, place artillery marks and act as a spawn beacon for the rest of his/her squad (these players would be communicating orders to the rest of its members). This feature forced players to work as a team as each class had an actual purpose, similar to that of the battlefield franchise. As well as squad leaders, engineers were vital for destroying tank traps thus enabling the tank to advance. All classes had a player limit to them, adding more realism as it prevented teams from completely overpowering the opposition. Weapons didn’t have perks to give them a huge advantage over those at lower levels (in realism mode). Moreover, players didn’t hop around the map with gold weapon skins and special abilities: it was simply you and your rifle. As a result of the simplicity, tactics advised from your commander had to be listened to. Finally, the game felt like it had a front line in every battle, which would slowly advance as time moved by. Therefore I really hope that tripwire implement these features again with rising storm 2, as they are to me, the soul of the franchise.

2. Aircraft

Understandably, this is quite an ambitious point as it could either make or break the tactical element of the game. However, if this is implemented well, it would add a fantastic new dimension of strategic ideas. In order for this to work, the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) would need anti-aircraft guns positioned in several areas across the map. As a big fan of the battlefield Vietnam DLC, it would be a dream come true to see the return of the Huey.

3. Real-Time dynamic Weather effects

This feature would introduce more immersion than ever before, for example the impact of heavy rain on the surface, leading to slower tank and player movement due to the thick mud. Although I would love to see this feature, I have doubts that Tripwire would have the budget for this.

4. Big maps with more traps

I would love to see maps based upon Vietnamese fishing villages, jungles and urban city centres. All maps should encourage a range of different tactics such as the need for flamethrowers for clearing out Vietnamese bunkers and tunnels. Furthermore, some new traps would help bring something new and unpredictable to the battle. However, if Tripwire continues to create maps to the high standard of their other games, than fans will have nothing to worry about.

5. Badass Soundtrack

It cannot be a game based on the Vietnam War, if you can’t hear distant radios playing classic songs from The Rolling Stones. On the other hand, I don’t want to see a constant soundtrack throughout the game; instead I would like to hear music playing on distant radios and vehicles similar to that of the battlefield Vietnam DLC.