An Unpleasant Role-Playing Game That Didn't Get Too Much Attention While It Was In Development

User Rating: 4.5 | Risen PC
So I've heard of a game called Risen 2: Dark Waters coming soon, by the sound of it, its probably a sequel to a game called Risen.
So i rushed to the shop and bought it only to find that its another boring low budget game published by Deep Silver,,,remember cursed mountain? well that was deep silver!!

/////Game Overview\\
Risen is a single-player fantasy-themed action role-playing game by the German company Piranha Bytes, and published by Deep Silver. Piranha Bytes itself developed the Windows version which was released on October 2, 2009, along with the European version of the Xbox 360 port. The game takes place in Faranga, a fictional volcanic island with different sub-climates and vegetation zones. The island is inhabited by humans, as well as many fantasy creatures.

So the game opens in a small ship where your nameless character and a woman called Sarah are sneaking around in a ship in the stormy seas.
they see the Inquisitor, calling out to a Titan in the seas. the giant Titan rises out of the seas and starts battling the Inquisitor,
so the Inquisitor loses the battle and the ship crashes,sending Sarah and the nameless protagonist into the depths.
the stupid nameless protagonist wakes up on a shore and finds dead bodies around him, after he starts searching for survivors he finds Sarah alive.
so they search around the island and find out that there are signs of life in it, then Sarah gets stubborn and stays in a dangerous house for a weird unknown reason!
can you believe this stupidity?!

the player can choose a faction with which to align. Don Esteban which are a group of bandits that had previously controlled the island until the Inquisition exiled them from town, the Inquisition which are a group of soldiers who have come to the island in order to explore the mysteries of the rising ruins, or the Mages which are the former protectors of the island, now commanded by the Inquisition. Soon after, the player becomes involved with the plans of the High Inquisitor Mendoza, who has discovered a temple leading into the heart of the volcano. He plans to gain access to it, but requires the assistance of the main nameless character for finding five Crystal Disks, which function as keys for the temple.

now this game is kinda pointless sometimes, the main "Nameless" character is just washed up on the shore and he starts asking people for work.
and why the hell would he be nameless? all the other characters have names, even the animals, and this girl Sarah is just so happy to live in a house in the woods by herself with no food,and a little progress in the game you wont see her face anymore.
now when the game first started i thought its awesome because it starts survival,but then it became boring, trust me this game is not what i expected.
and it doesn't tell you where to go, you just need to find out all alone in an island full of huge animals, they should have made this a horror game.
I'm not saying the game is bad but its not good at all.

the combat was good but not great because its very simple just hit and dodge no other stuff but it was very difficult even on easy mode, takes more than 6 hours to get used to it.
the controls were annoying specially with the camera and the player in the middle of the ****** screen, searching around was very difficult,also the map was pointless!!

the voice acting was bad really bad because the characters don't have any emotions while talking, and the dialogues were the worst thing about the game, I'll just say one word...pointless!
and when they talk they move in different ways like they're saying different sentences.
the other voices like walking and hitting stuff were average and fine.

the graphics of this game are not bad, because its a 2009 game not a 2006 game, games in 2009 were amazing like look at Prototype or Assassin's Creed they weren't that bad.
the views and environments weren't bad but when you look far away its really ****** which makes the game a little stupid.

/////Keep Playing?\\
No no no, its the most boring and not exiting game of all time even Cursed Mountain was more exiting, god why do i always get involved with low budget games?

The ending was one of the worst endings ever, it just happens and ends just like that, the end, really its bad because they dont tell you what happens or anything.

/////The Goods\\
(well,to be honest I didn't find any goods)

/////The Bads\\
Nameless Protagonist-Things happen pointlessly-lots of glitches and bugs-old graphics-bad combat system-
Bad dialogues and voice acting- Disappointing Ending

Story: Fair
Plot: Poor
Controls: Poor
Graphics: Fair
Sounds: Bad
Ending: Bad
Overall: Poor

/////Buy It?\\
No do not do that unless you wanna waste time,money and get angry and break your PC or Xbox, its really a provoking game that you're gonna buy.
if its not that bad let's just say its poor, its the kind of games that didn't get too much attention while it was in production, its the most unpleasant Role-playing game I've ever played.

We would give the game 4.5 out of 10 but as we said this is our honest opinion.
if you played the game please tell us what you think.
thank you for watching ,hope we helped you make your decision about this game ,
please stay tuned for more game reviews.