Despite what you've heard, yes, it is playable on WinVista, I did. Now, onto the rest....

User Rating: 7 | Risen PC
There's an angry user in the reviews fussing in all caps how you can't use Risen in Vista or 7, well, perhaps some machines running on those OS have problems, but I ran my store bought version of Risen just fine on Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit. Fine completely out of the box. So, good luck to him/her and anyone else having problems, but not all Vista/7 users are.

This will be short and sweet. For starters, this won't be a Gothic fanboy/girl review of all 9.5/10's because frankly, it doesn't deserve those scores. I found the game enjoyable despite it's buggy/glitchy low graphical nature. I can handle buggy games if they're not game breaking and the story keeps me intrigued, that's the case here. I found some translation issues, but nothing where you can't figure out what's meant, though I have heard others complain a little stronger about it. There was storyline bugs, like for some people, the Inquisitor was just compeletly missing and on the site their answer to that is to enable a cheat that takes you directly to any NPC, in other words, they don't plan on fixing it. Some people can't get the cheat working (for whatever reason) and that ends the game because you have to complete that in order to progress in the main story, there's a fair amount of side questing, small area to explore but interesting, some complain the difficulty is too hard, I didn't have a problem with it.

Bottomline, it's a good game, not great. It's definately worth a try- if you liked the Gothic series, you'll probably like it more than those not familiar with it. I am familiar with it and still see it as good not great. It does have some replay value because you can playthrough again joining with different factions. Enjoy.

Game Requirements (Minimum):
Windows XP SP3
2GHz Intel Pentium4 Single Core
1GB System RAM, 2.5GB Free Hard Drive Space
256MB DirectX 9.1c Compatible Graphics card
nVidia GeForce 7900/ ATI radeon X1800 Or Better

Game Requirements (Recommended):
Windows XP SP3
2.6GHz Intel Pentium4 Single Core
2GB System RAM, 2.5GB Free Hard Drive Space
512MB DirectX 9.1c Compatible Graphics card
nVidia GeForce 8800/ATI radeon HD 2900 Or Better.

(My first playthrough on my Vista PC was played with:
Windows Vista 32bit
2x nVidia GTX 280's
2x 750GB Seagate Barricuda Hard Drives
nVidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI (mobo)
1920x1980 on 24" flat panel(Razer m/kb)

My recent playthrough on my newer PC was played with:
Windows7 64bit (SP1)
2x nVidia GTX460's (DDR5)
1TB Hard Drive (BluRay OpticalDrive)
1920x1080 on 24" flat panel (Razer m/kb)

So, if you have a system similar to either of these, you'll more than likely have no problems running this game.