Tedious and annoying.

User Rating: 6 | Risen PC
I heard about this game few years ago and I read favourable or unfavourable revews and finally i said: let's give it a shot. The game is a classic RPG: you perform quests and you gain XP. Sadly, the quets you perform are boring and not too rewarding. The game has no working map which could be a real help in the world. You just move around and remember all the things or read all the things a character has told you in order to accomplish it.
The main character has a terrible voice and he's shallow as hell. The others' animations are uninspired. Luckily the island looks great. The combat is boring. Few movements to the left or right and waiting for the opportunity to come and off you go.
The story is not great and hardly unfolding. You must play more than 30 hours to even reach the second act and I quit the game because of a glitch of some sort.
I played RPG before, but this one, even if you try your best can't be considered a great game.
The music is soothing and the enemies (gnomes, wolves skeletons) can be taken down easily.
The main flaw is the quests. You just don't know what to do next.