Risen is a great Role Playing Game.

User Rating: 9 | Risen PC
Risen is a game which creates the right atmosphere,
for an epic role-playing adventure and action game altogether.
At start it is a very hard game, but you build your character
and gain the right experience and then you get to the 'Harbor City',
there you decide what side you want to take in the game.

This decision will determine the rest of the story,
and the classification of your character: Mage, Warrior, Thief.

You really feel your character development in this game,
from being a beginner to a pro and it is very nice and reminds
the previous Gothic 3 game which was great too.

While Gothic 3 introduced us with a huge world be all means,
Risen role is taking place on a small island.

This doesn't mean that things are easy,
because Risen is a very challenging game.

You explore the island and reveals a lot of gems,
a great set of animals all over to fight, a lots of plants to pick.

You have a big variety of attributes you can develop to:
You can forge swords, you can become a great mage etc.

The graphics may not be on the 'High Edge' but it is quite good.
The atmosphere is great, the action is very good.
The sound is great and the voices are good.

The most great thing about this game is it's small size.
Don't let the size of the game fool you because the environment
is big enough and hard enough to enjoy and explore.

I recommend this game to everyone.