Risen is a single-player fantasy-themed action role-playing game[1] by the German company Piranha Bytes.

User Rating: 9 | Risen PC
Risen takes place in Faranga, a fictitious volcanic, mediterranean island with different sub-climates and vegetation zones. The island is inhabited by humans, as well as many fantasy creatures.
Recently, ancient temple ruins have risen from the ground, providing access to a network of interconnected underground areas such as catacombs and dungeons. As a result, the humans have put in place an Inquisition, forbidding anyone from exiting their city or the island.[5]
In the intro cinematic the player's main, nameless character and a gypsy named Sara can be seen sneaking around on a small ship in the middle of stormy seas. As they get to deck, they see the Inquisitor, calling out to a Titan in the seas. The giant Titan rises through the waves, shrieking at the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor tries to battle the creature, but he realizes that the battle is lost and teleports off of the boat. Seconds later the Titan smashes the boat into little bits, sending Sara and the unnamed protagonist into the depths. The [player character]] wakes up on the shores of Faranga in the midst of the storm, surrounded by dead bodies. Both he and Sara are unharmed.
After exploring the island and meeting other people, the player can choose a faction with which to align. Don Esteban (a group of bandits which had previously controlled the island until the Inquisition exiled them from town), the Inquisition (a group of soldiers who have come to the island in order to explore the mysteries of the rising ruins), or the Mages (the former protectors of the island, now commanded by the Inquisition). Soon after, the player becomes involved with the plans of the High Inquisitor Mendoza, who has discovered a temple leading into the heart of the volcano. He plans to gain access to it, but requires the assistance of the main character in finding five Crystal Disks, which function as keys for the temple.
Once the player has gathered the five Disks, which had been scattered across the island, the Inquisition enters the Volcano Keep. There, it is discovered that a legendary Titan, along with the Titan Lord Ursegor (a Saurian king who had sought to control the power of the titans), have been imprisoned. It is revealed that Faranga has been protected by storms because of the Titan's presence, while the mainland has been ravaged by the other Titans, which were set free when the Gods were exiled by humanity. Inquisitor Mendoza seeks to gain control of the Fire Titan inside the volcano in order to defeat the other Titans. In removing the Titan from its prison, Faranga would become vulnerable to the mystical storms and would effectively be sacrificed for the sake of humanity.
After releasing Ursegor from the curse which tethered his spirit to his corpse in the Volcano Keep, the player sets out to find the Titan Lord's armor pieces, so that he can gain access to the Fire Titan and defeat Mendoza. The armor pieces were sealed in the ruins with some undead priests. The player explores the risen ruins, retrieves the armor, and enters the Volcano Keep behind Mendoza. Mendoza turns mad and is defeated by the player. After that, the player banishes the Fire Titan after defeating him in battle.
The ending suggests that Faranga has been spared from destruction, but that four more Titans continue to ravage the mainland. After the credits roll, dialogue between the main character and Patty, the daughter of an infamous pirate, suggests that the two will travel to the mainland to fight the Titans in the sequel.