Being the Second version of the RISEN series, it is hard to find anything that is better than the First version....

User Rating: 4.5 | Risen 2: Dark Waters PC
Just got the game and played nearly a whole day, Risen 2 gives no surprise at all. Character is FIXED without choices, where it is the same character in Risen 1 but has a totally different life, everything is get back to the beginning. I don't even know why the Main character is so WEAK at the beginning, where he can defeats by a small monster. I have killed anything I can in such small Island, but don't even win over the "trainer" in the Castle.

The game is boring, as player has to spend a lot of time on fighting and gaining glory. I have been running arround TACARIGUA for several hours, killinng small animals, crabs, monsters ....but only gained several hundreds glory and some loots (for exchanging money). Can you tell me why? There are so little animals / monsters, but it needs 1000 glory points to buy 1 point of attribute, several hundreds coins to learn a basic skill. The Island has only