Good environment but movement is not impressive.. A few humorous characters, and the game's tone and story fit well .

User Rating: 7 | Risen 2: Dark Waters PC
The environments can be stunning, though character animations, particularly in conversations, disrupt the game's sense of realism.Plenty to do, but not enough that feels worth doing. Sword fighting can be excellent or irritating, depending on the enemy type. Voodoo system is underdeveloped.Scouring environments for legendary items makes exploration feel somewhat rewarding, though not as exciting as it could have been. Little reason to replay once the story's over.A pretty but cumbersome interface. A few humorous characters, and the game's tone and story fit well with the pirate theme.Dark Waters is at times beautiful, offering a finely detailed set of islands to explore on your quest to become a notorious pirate captain and vanquish an ancient evil. It's Piranha Bytes' most accessible game yet, and though its style and boorish, humorous dialogue fit well with the pirate motif, it's a role-playing experience that uses convention as a crutch and marginalizes or strips away a lot of elements that made the studio's past games stand out. Disappointing character development options, sloppy combat and run-of-the-mill questing structures often make Dark Waters more of a chore to play than it should be, and exploration isn't nearly exciting enough to make up for its many flaws. If you desperately to role-play as a pirate, you certainly can in Risen 2, but you'll also find little that's memorable, and a multitude of poorly implemented ideas and missed opportunities.